Sunday, March 1, 2009

ladies essentials

what every woman needs.
to be matching.
i hope everyone is having a nice weekend.
the weather is lovely.

i'm pissed that our gas @ electric bill was over $600 for one month.  that can't be right.
it was over $400 last month.  generally it is $250 (like the month before) what's going on?
i called and am having meter reader come over.  i have small hope.
any one else with this problem.  i know SDG@E had a rate increase of 22% last jan.  but honestly, i remember when utilities (bill) were a small concern. 


som said...

22%!!! Damn!! Didn't know about that. Who told you that?
The meter reader mis-read your meter last month too huh? Your meter is on the side of your house right? There's no excuse for this!! You should be pissed!! meter readers aveage about 15000+ meter reads each month and are allowed a small margin of error. this is unacceptable!!

lisa bebi said...

yes, they called it a misread but when the bill came they said the misread was a mistake. we paid the $430 last month (which included the full meter read about (we never got the letter saying a meter reader came out either). anyway, this new bill for over $600 had penalties for being over our allotment of energy - but they treated the bill as accumulated from last month event hough we paid everything. its a mess. honestly - i am thinking of going solar.
sorry SOM. yeah the lady on the phone said there was a 22% rate increase since january.
hope this makes sense.

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