Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bubbles, age 32

i don't even resemble this person anymore.

since someone asked, yeah, this is me, er, was me, not brooke.
i was a hard body. actually since i posted this picture last night, i have felt haunted by my old being, asking me "what the hell happened????.....how could you have done this to me.....?".
then i told my old me, "i am sooooo sorry, (sobbing) i will try to do better."

i found this old picture the other day while rosie was looking over my shoulder, she said, "hey that person looks just like you". i didn't know what to say to her since a few seconds before she said that i had told her, "hey look at this picture of me".

yep, its me......me, when i was "bubbles".


Anonymous said...

Is this you or Brooke?

lisa bebi said...

this is me......but thanks for seeing brooke in me!

lisa bebi said...

i'm sure brooke is horrified that i have posted an old picture of myself here..
she says, (but i don't remember this at all), that when she was a teen, and brought boys over, i would bring out photos of myself in my swiumsuit and say, look brooke will grow up to look just like me!
i don't think that is true - well, maybe i did that once. but it was for a laugh.

SOM said...

I don't get it??!! This is exactly how you look to me today!!
except your hair is a little shorter!!


lisa bebi said...

thats because you are my good old som!
have i told you lately that you are a sweety? well, you are. thanks for being you!!!!

lisa bebi said...

this photo is still haunting me. see those enormous bags under my eyes, the truth is this pic was taken about 3 months after my husband's sudden death - i really wasn't doing too well emotionally.
but i tried to strike a happy pose.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure this picture is not Betty Jo, Bobbie Jo, or Billie Jo at the Shady Rest Hotel - Petticoat Junction :)

Anonymous said...

How nostalgic! Petticoat Junction.
Closent to Bobbi Joe, I think.
Next some one will be saying you like Mrs. Peel from the avengers.
That would be a real compliment

Joy Logan said...

You cutie! yeah it sucks to age I love my old pics too...I didnt even like me back then.

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