Thursday, January 15, 2009

handmade cloth

i finished 6 art quilts today and sent them off to somerset studio magazine. they were approximately 2' x 3'. unfortunately, i took a pic of them with my daughter's rosie's camera. apparently she lost the connecting wire to upload it to the computer - so until we find it (have you seen my house? might never find it - it's probably somewhere near lost socks) i will have to make do with scanning what i have.
so, here are some tidbits of the cloth i created to for backgrounds of the art quilts.

i was lucky, last week while shopping with my lovely daughter, brooke, (who is one great recession-eista and is learning to make EVERYTHING herself)at jo-ann's we spotted a bolt of unbleached muslin with a soft hand for only $15. i think bolt was 25 yards. this was one happy find.
i probably created about 8 yards of fabric that looks somethings like the above. it was fun just painting and spraying ink and aging dye and drawing on it until i felt the piece was done. then i created the center of interest - a paintover on cloth of various people. three of glam girls and three of prairie girls. the result was pretty - well, paintover-like.
now if you will excuse me, i will be looking for the camera connecting cable for awhile.

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Joy Logan said...

Can't wait to see them gf!!! Hey plz stop by my blog tell me what you think of my larger art series I've done since 2001.

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