Friday, December 26, 2008

tortilla curtain

just finished this book - although i was not that excited to read in boyle's prose (my daughter brooke loves his writing - i don't)....i did learn something about the life of the impoverished illegal coming to the states with big dreams and no money. it was a good story in parts and other parts not believable - a bit lacking in depth of character and character probablity, i thought.
oh well.
now i am reading "the white tiger" by aravind adiga......already it is a funny read. i believe it is this author's first novel.


brookeismuchsmarterthancarlos said...

oh! you finished it! good, i can tell you about it in depth. it's an allegory about the problems inherent in the US immigration system yadda yadda. the man (candido! like candide) represents the hopes immigrants have, and the woman (america!) represents the realities. i thought it ended on a rather unsatisfying note. really heavy handed too.

anyway... i liked it though. now you can read the road to wellville!

brookeismuchsmarterthancarlos said...

oh HAHAHA i forgot i made that account to annoy carlos. HAAHAHAHHA

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