Saturday, December 27, 2008

the 3 french hens (one soon to be an x-rooster) of xmas.........

Ok so silly. i wanted to do my xmas cards this year using the idea of 3 french hens..., but i don't know why but time slipped away. so here are the rooster/hens (i will de-comb and de- wattle the rooster) waiting to be used - maybe next year. i'm no expert on the difference between a hen or rooster by looking at their heads (of course i know the hen is the one who lays the eggs, silly). my guess is that these are two hens and one rooster. but it makes no difference to me anyway because i was going to dress them in little french maid outfits - so i will leave that idea to your imagination.
but for cards this year, what i did instead was make abstract collages with random lines from a romance novel as one of the many elements in the (card)-piece. i created these before i thought up the french hen idea.
still, i am behind and have to mail them out yet!!!!
they will be new years cards, i guess. very embarrassing to be late with cards.
where does the time go?
and now,
to my exteneded family:
thank you aunt rita for rosie's present - she opened your gift first and then threw on the new clothes you bought her- loves them. she wore them today to lunch.
brooke - rosie loves her new book on making your own cosmetics - she has already concocted 2 that she has experiemented on me. AND, actually the hand softener worked!
and brooke- i like the Indian soap.
i will thank my husband here - although he NEVER reads my blog - for the lovely diamond earrings.....i hope i don't lose these.
and for the new easel, which i really needed.
thank you brooke for the white tiger book which i am going to read now.
that's all i will declare on the blog here. oh and thank you rosie for getting straight A's again! that's for you, nonno and nonna!!! with love.

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