Wednesday, November 19, 2008

what i have been doing lately..........

i know i have been a bit busy lately. i have been involved in creating a regional arts TV show called N Art Magazine TV Show.
we have just finished filming the 3rd episode which will air sunday, november 30 at 4 p.m.
N Art Magazine is a show i have founded and am the executive editor. it was my idea to have a TV show and published magazine (coming soon) that explores the arts in our region and beyond. since i am an artist, i have felt what many of my fellow artists have felt, basically under recognized nationally and internationally. i wanted our regional arts scene to be showcased and respected so that we, as artists, might feel that we don't necessarily need to go to another city like NY or LA to "make it". also, it is my intention to feature the emerging artist scene and the various genres of art in order to to educate and cultivate the attention of the general public. one thing that i am particularly proud of is the fact that on our show we examine the nationally raked artist along side the equally fascinating emerging artist. i hope to expand the mind of the public.

check out this clip that i just discovered tonight on someone's youtube of our last show. this clip focuses on the mind expanding stuff going on at UCSD's Digital Arts of CALIT2/CRCA Center for Research in Computing and the Arts----and beyond. looks like someone their department youtubed us with a clip. check it out and enjoy.

here is what they said: (there is a correction here, it was aired on ABC, not NBC)

Digital Arts of Calit2/CRCA featured on NBC (oops, ABC)
by Michael Toillion
N Art Magazine, a new program on NBC (error, ABC) in San Diego that documents the local arts scene, visited CALIT2 and the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts recently. For a program that is mostly familiar with traditional art forms, touring the digital art laboratories at CALIT2 and CRCA proved to be quite an experience for N Art Magazine. The final video (seen below) aired on Sunday, October 26th.

The video features Beatbox360, a 4K video art piece created by myself, Mike Toillion; Sanctuary, a percussion composition by Pulitzer prize-winning composer Roger Reynolds; and Scalable City, a 3D multimedia video game.


Scarlet Fields said...

How exciting to have a regional show! It is so amazing what artists can do when they set their minds-Congratulations! Scarlet

Anonymous said...

I always just love seeing this painting! Love your acrylic paintings!

Dorte Bistrup said...

Hi Lisa,
Congratulations on your TV program! I enjoyed seeing the last half of the one with Roger Reynolds, and I hope to see more.
I admire you very much for what you are doing. I also look forward to doing the collaborative art project with you.

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