Monday, November 24, 2008

art museum plus fireworks, i wanna go!

this brand new museum just opened up on its own island. guess where? did you say Doha, Qatar? then you were right.
the architect designer, I.M. Pei, at age 91!!!! (yay for seniors working!!!) designed more of a sculpture than an actual building. Pei decided to go with a more austere look in Qatar against the flashy, attention-grasping wealthy new development of the seafront corniche. Pei, hung out in the area, read up on the religion went to egypt and tunisia and other places of the middle east, looked at many artifacts and art that was to be housed in it to get a feel for the style of the building he wanted to create. he stated that in the end he decided upon a style which is both earnest and traditional. maybe because of his age, he felt a need to return to the simpler truer forms of the middle east.

interestingly, he had a condition about the design of the building, he wanted it to be on its own island so that it would not get trapped between glaring, modern buildings in the future. and so it is on its own island.

so, good for you, old man, Pei!!!! i heard that yo-yo-ma performed at the opening yesterday.


Hilari Ford said...

Hi Lisa!

How are you doing! I found your blog from the Somerset/Belle/Whatever article! Haven't seen you in ages! How are you?

lisa bebi said...

hey girl - i'm fine and doing all kinds of new stuff. like a TV show.
how are you doing? are you still writing articles?

do you still teach? if so, where?

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