Sunday, November 16, 2008

rosie angel

i am posting this painting because my dear friend kathy olsen told me that i have been boring her with the same old paintings over and over again on my blog. i agree, but it takes time to create then photograph then post.
but this is different.
this is a painting i did of my daughter from a photo taken of her when she was about 6 years old. i entered this piece into a photo art show and was awarded honorable mention, even though it is a painting and not a photo. my art friend renee richetts laughs about this and tells it as her favorite "lisa bebi" story......she recites that she was over one day creating an art piece or two at my house day while the deadline for the photo show loomed ahead (the deadline was the next day). she created until she overwhelmed herself and had to take a 30 minute nap on my sofa. while she was alseep i created "rosie angel", from start to finish!!! she laughed as she says her works (which she finished later in her own studio) didn't get accepted into the photo show, while mine as i said, not only got accepted but took honorable mention! don't ask me...

we actually did a collobrative piece that day which we will be submitting to Stampington pblications soon.

Rosie is still an angel - most of the time.
actually, i am very proud of her right now.
rosie and i ran into her english teacher at the mall today. her teacher excitedly said that rosie got the top grade on her latest big assignment - a report. her teacher said she didn't want to tell us right then what her grade was, because she didn't want to spoil it, but couldn't wait to give it to her tomorrow in class. she also said she was not the only teacher who read the report and graded it.
we shall see.
i told her teacher (ms. meridith) that we parents were very proud of rosie and her work in school...because well, frankly we just got back from taking 3 weeks off when we went to italy. (the school didn't like that, if figured mrs. meredith didn't like it either.)
she said we ought to be (proud of rosie).
i write this because it feels so good, because although my other two children are very brilliant people and did well in school,............well, i would get these kind of remarks...."er, your daughter is very bright, but she decided to stand on her hands all day in school" (brooke) OR a phone call "please come get your daughter she has come to school without shoes"....."again". OR, "your son is very bright, but he writes his essays on the wrong side of the paper, you know, he starts his report on the binder holes on the right side of the paper instead of the left." OR, he would write upside down and have little cat drawings all over it. cat drawings with little bubbled conversations all over the sides of the paper.
i miss my older children being in school.
and i love my kids. i love their imagination.

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Scarlet Fields said...

How cool that you were in Italy with Rosie! What a great education that must have been for all involved! I think there is something to be said for children who follow their own drummer, shoes or not. Have a wondrful week. S

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