Tuesday, November 4, 2008

oh happy day........

well, i was happy and exhausted both by the time i heard obama's acceptance speech tonight. exhausted because, well, this year of campaigning has been tiring for me the american citizen, nerve wracking and emotional.
but i have to say, mccain did a very elegant concession speech - i believed him, sounded to me like it came from his heart. i also think that the mccain concessions speech was the best speech mccain has ever made. perhaps it was because he didn't feel as though he needed pander to the extremists. Extremists like my neighbors across the street. the ones who apparently have zero tolerance for my grandson named gracie, my daughter brooke's pitbull.
but that aside, i couldn't help but notice that sarah palin gave mccain a real cold fish of a "hug" at the end of his speech. it was almost like, "Mccain, you smelly little man, i can't take one second more of being in your presence - please rush me back to alaska".
you know, it was like the end of a very bad date -one that makes you run from the car before it stops rolling as you slam your way into your house without looking back, (er, at least that was my repeated dating experience). what? no, i was the one who ran!!!!!!! insulting.
and her husband, todd, now there is a capital dud.

so, its over, i couldn't help but notice that my neighbors, the rednecks, who earlier in the evening had every light on in their house, including the happy little pumpkin lights on their front porch - and their blaring TV burnt onto one station, FOX news- had by 8:30, packed it in. yep, all lights were off, the curtains closed tight, no more pumpkin lights. election night for them was over. traumatic for them, i know.

they also have a few "yes" on prop 8 signs on their lawn pointed directly at my house. my neighbors next door (the good neighbors who have their own pitbull) have a "no" on 8 - directed back at them. i didn't have signage, damn it.

but i find knowing their particular view on 8 (bad neighbors, pitbull haters) to be especially annoying because they have been known to have proudly declare that they didn't have children because they were too smart to have them - and they are too smart to own pets too. i guess being smart like that makes you an expert on "family values". i hate hypocrites. i had the urge to sneak out in the night with my sharpie marker and draw penises on every family member on their yes on 8 sign! but i didn't because, well because i am too grown up for that!!!! and i have already mouthed that i would do that to my husband - and he advised me not to. (attorney)

but the obama camp did not get by without at least one big bad glaring hitch - and that awful glaring hitch was known as michelle obama's dress. bloody awful. i actually thought she was going to do a quick change stunt, like she had an extra 2 or 3 dresses on under that one. it's a good thing mr. blackwell died before he saw that. but oh well, michelle you are so sweet i forgive you. i just wish i didn't have high definition TV, sometimes. oh, my eyes, my eyes.

this painting is of my son, jamie, the academic. he is blinded folded because he sees with his mind. (i'm being poetic, he is not blind)

he called me from santa barbara today to ask if i voted, so did brooke...i love how they worry about me. i think jamie half way thought i might have had the voting days confused. not yet, young lad, but soon, i will need a bib, diaper, a home and someone to take me to vote...



Bonnie Pilon said...

"McCain..you smelly litle man..." ROLLING ON THE FLOOR HERE!!!! If the art thing doesn't work out for you I am POSITIVE the stand-up will!!!! :) JK--I have been an admirer of your art for about a year now..love your blog, stop by often...but this post here---geez, you really had me cracking up! I wish I was your neighbor so we could giggle sinisterly (is that a word?) at your redneck neighbors...I have such a hard time with narrow minds and limited thinkers...probably to teach me to be less critical...but some people!!! yu know? :)

lisa bebi said...

hey bonnie thanks for you comments - i'm glad i made you laugh....i get very tired myself of narrow mindedness. when did narrow mindedness EVER get anything done?

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