Monday, November 3, 2008

kite runner

i' m just about to finish this book. i love it.
it is not poetic literature, just straight forward writing; a story of a man's life. The story takes the reader from the main character's early childhood in Afghanistan and carries on into his adulthood in California. But his impressions of his Afghanistan as an returning adult -makes him realize that because he was a privileged child, his impressions from his youth are/were far from reality. His memory was rose-colored.

i was reluctant to pick up this book to read because i thought it would be full of political statements and terse history. but instead, i found it is a lovely novel spanning the life of a man, a noble soul, who happened to have lived in Afghanistan.
it has very colorful and wonderful imagery.
i am not done reading it. its one of those books that i look forward to reading at bedtime every night.

tomorrow is finally almost here. i will cast my vote in the rain, i don't care. i look forward to voting for obama. i had my doubts about him in the beginning, but now i am a full fledged supporter. i have not mentioned in my blog who i was to vote for thinking this is no place to invite political debate, but hell, its my blog.
sorry for all you republicans. my dearly departed dad , the newspaperman, was a die-hard republican -he owned, operated and edited his own local weekly newspaper. each voting year, his paper was filled with political campaigning ads. then a week before voting, he would fill out his ballot and print it in his newspaper column explaining why he voted the way he did. he had many followers/fans who would vote like "Max" (him). i know because i would hear them talking about it in the local doughnut shop/bakery , or school teachers, parents - there was a lot of feedback, so many people who told me how they loved my dad and loved his political views.
i'm sorry to you, daddy, i don't share your political views but be proud of your daughter because i, too, have publicly declared my vote. not that i have followers or political fans. but i don't need political fans, the politicians need the following and fans!

I am also voting no on 8. i feel sexuality and /or sexual preference is no place for a government to intercede or regulate...(my opinion does not extend to include sexual crimes, especially against those abusers of youth. Statutory rape and victims of sexual violence need the protection of the law and the government support).


Bunny Wilson said...

Hi Lisa, I read The Kite Runner a while back and loved it, too. I wanted to see the movie, but chose not to because of the one important scene. I won't go into detail in case you're not there yet.

Babsarella said...

I recently read this book too. I had seen the movie and liked it a lot, but my daughter had to read it for her world history class, so I went along for the ride. Although it is not the type of book I would typically read, it drew me in completely and I totally loved it. I was facinated to learn so much about Afghanistan and all the challenges and hardships the people of that country have endured. In fact, I urge you to get A Thousand Splendid Suns by the same author. It was just as good and tells the story of 2 women during this same timeframe. I can't wait for Khaled to write his next book.

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