Sunday, November 2, 2008

cooler weather....

finally. we couldn't believe how warm italy was and also warm late in the year here in san diego too. but today, it sprinkled a bit. it's cooler.
i like that i don't have to sleep with the fan on my face all night. in fact, i woke up cold this morning. i thought i woke up as a dead body!
i spent some time painting this weekend, trying to get my inventory up. its not easy to get time to paint while also trying to run a network TV show from scratch.

ABCTV stats have come in- our show had between 80,000 to 100,000 viewers during our last two episodes. that's 80,00-100,000 each.
so, if you would like to self promote, you can apply to join us on the show for a mere $150. that's for artists only. we are looking for sponsors too. hint, hint. i have written to big local companies like sempra and edco and albertsons (maybe they aren't local) as well as the SD port, inviting them to be our sponsor /backer/board member - whatever.
if you would like to be known as the area leaders in the art field, just email me. it's that easy.
OK end of sells pitch.
this is a batik i made from bisquick, you can read about it in the currant issue of Somerset Studio magazine.

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