Wednesday, November 5, 2008

sometimes i miss my paintings....

this is called "lemon Grove, 1952". it sold a few years ago and i still miss it. it went to a nice young woman who said she lived in a trendy part of town. sometimes i still can't believe that my mom (and brother - in this instance) end up on the walls of strangers. but so it happens....and for me quite often. i only wish my folks were still alive so that they could know how they contribute to my career.

my brother, who is alive and well in woodland hills, is not interested in art at all, even mine, even of him! how could we be so opposite? his house, for instance, is austere, mine is cluttered with stuff/stuff of past lives, my family's and others (others because i collect old pictures of other families; i adopt them).

books. i have tons and tons of books. i wonder why i can't seem to part with them? maybe because if i did, the house would fall down.

it is always disturbing to me when i go into other people's homes and find they don't have a library.....i have lots of friends without books.
why not? i don't know. am i that off beat that i have a library? in my livingroom?
dining room? my bedroom? my studio? er, garage? in the car? bathrooms? the guest room? closets.......oh dear now that i list them, i realize i do have a lot of books. also, there are ones in the storage unit and under my bed.

i better think about getting rid of some, the only thing is, the only ones i can imagine getting rid of are the ones that coincidently belong to my husband. hmmmm.

my dad had a prized library too. no one was allowed to touch it (but i did)(when he wasn't home) and at one time my brother did too, (have a prized library) before he decided to go all "austere" and yoga-y. even my father- in -law in italy has at least two houses full of books.
my grown children have books too, but my oldest one, brooke, has decided to get her books from the library now, so her stash has been stunted. i think she gets some from my house too - when i'm not home.

well, this is a lot to wonder about. but the idea of weeding out my books has given me a headache.
i better go to bed now

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