Wednesday, October 8, 2008

White truffle

(exerpt taken from my blog entry at, which has an accompanying photo) we drove to Citta' di Casttello today in lookout for some fine food and wine. Of course in Italy, it is almost impossible to eat badly, and there is no bad wine. last night my father-in-law at dinnertime presented a bottle of merlot that cost $2.50. HA! It was excellent, grown and bottled right here in Umbria.

The way to Citta' de Castello was all rolling green hills and vineyards. We have an American speaking GPS system, but happily got lost along the way down a one way road that took us past many privately owned vineyards. I have been to Napa Valley. Napa is beautiful, but not near as beautiful as Umbria.....Umbria is Italy's green spot. Prettier than Tuscany, hands down.

I have always had the belief that God loved the Italians more than anyone else on Earth. How do i know that? The evidence shows it, wonderfully fertile earth, beautiful to the eyes as well as healthy to all the vegetation and animals. Take for instance this picture Ive posted here. If you don't know what it is, you might think it is something a dog left along the road or a dirt clod. No, this, my friends, is a white truffle, a root found in Umbria's rich soil that tastes like heaven. It has a wonderful earthy taste that is outrageous in sauces; in pasta and cheese. It is nearly impossible to buy this in the US. Once you have tasted it you would never forget it and you will thank the good lord for producing it.

I realize I am in Italy representing N Magazine which is about art, but I find it hard to separate the pleasures. In Italy all senses come to life, and all senses run over the top. That is perhaps, why Italy has so much fine art, another means to express and share it all.

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