Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday morning...

i can show images on my other blog at typepad.com N Art Magazine's Daily Dish. if you happen to go there, you will see the image of Gubbio, the tall building houses one of the three houses of my in-laws. their other two are outside(not pictured) the medieval wall in what they call the country. this year they had a sunflower farm, but by the time we got here, they had already harvested it - 6 1/2 acres of it. Gubbio, Umbria is a secretive beauty in rolling hills. On one side of the city is a range of fairly tall pine tree mountians that get snow during christmas time. The other side of Gubbio leading to Perugia has gently rolling hills with castles and monasteries.
We went to the flea market today and got loads of delicious food including my favorite, truffle cheese, for our meals for the rest of the week.
Later this week we will visit a ceramic artesans studio for instruction on creating this old craft.

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