Tuesday, September 2, 2008

re-visit of "sushi bar".....

sometimes i really miss some pieces that i have sold.  this is one of my favorites from 2 years ago, the 3 japanese women in a sauna with fishtails.  the fishtails detail was a last minute idea that my artfriend meredith gave me.  i think the tails really make the piece.
(this jpeg slightly distorts this piece - elongating it - the piece is actually 48" x 48" square).
so i am in a painting frenzy getting ready for my show sept. 13. today i have started another japanese based red painting and have it nearly done, but it needs one more element to make it "pop".

i called meredith...."are you busy, i'm stuck, do you think you can come over this week..."  she might, later this week.  i noticed that she was sounding a little tired.  turns out she had minor surgery this morning - just a skin thing removal.
a few weeks ago she showed me she had a fast growing skin-thing growth on her arm just above her elbow; it looked funny, i had to admit, and fast growing is something we southern californias are totally panicky over.
she took a list of 10 suspicious looking places on her skin she wanted her dermatologist to look at....he carefully reviewed them all saying no to them, except he said he was worried about" that bump on your face....!
"what bump on my face..?" she wanted to know.  she  had notice a smooth roundish skin colored warty looking thing, but thought it was just that.  afterall, smooth and roundish and skin colored are not any of the 5 or 6 indicators on the skin cancer chart  ....turned out it was, though. 
she today she had it removed and now waits to see if it is all gone.  poor meredith, but good thing she worried about a bump on her arm- the wrong one, but who cares, it got her into the doctor in time.
this put the panic into me as i have been a san diego sun bather most my life.
i have an appointment for the 18th with my dermatologist.  i think it is essential to get yourself looked at.  i learned from her.

back to the new asian painting - i will finish it and hang in the show on the 13th.   

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Joy Logan said...

I have a few spots to be looked at as well as this weird lump on my back that oozes on occasion.

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