Monday, September 1, 2008

family car.........

OK its like this:  we take the new car to a place for a around the restaurant for a good 15 - 20 minutes until there is a space that looks decent to park in that won't lead up to a scratch on the car......twice we have done this only to give up and drive on to another part of town to do the same circling routine.....
we usually find a nice spot to park but then it is miles from chosen place to eat.  all this adds up to this:   our child would rather not ride in the car - she has been asking to say home and eat leftovers.

My next art show:

I have an opening reception of my new art,  September 13 at 5:30-8:30p.m. at 262 East Grand Ave. (back room of the Escondido Arts Partnership), Escondido, CA.  come on out, there will be plenty to see and eat and drink - as always.

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freddyg said...

Oh dear Lisa,

I can definitely help you with the car problem. It's obvious that the CLS550 is a burdeon and that your family would be much happier with a vehicle that can be simply parked in the first space of your choosing and therefore you're able to eat in the restaurant of your choice and everyone is much, much happier. I'm going to have a car shipper/transporter come to pick up the CLS550 and ship it to Washington. Then, I'm going to buy you a suitable replacement - - maybe a 1993 Toyota Camry would be nice and the beauty of this car is that you won't worry about it being scratched or dented in the tight parking spaces. I know you're ecstatic about this but you can save the thanks until later. lol, f

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