Wednesday, September 3, 2008


i just finished reading these two books i bought at the thrift store.  "growing up" was a nice read about russell baker's young life in the 1920's-1948 before he became a big newspaper man.  it was a life of hardship but  filled with interesting and rich characters.
"five people you meet in heaven"  i have to say was an excellent book.  i expected it to be a bit lame, but wanted to read it as many people have and i wondered what it was about.
the story is satisfying, full-bodied and makes sense.  i thought it would be 5 people that everyone should meet in heaven - but i was wrong.  it is the story of a fictional character and why he meets these 5 people in heaven---which only makes full sense when you read through it - cover to cover.

i had a full day of painting - that was very satisfying and frustrating, both!!! --- satisfying when i am sure what i am doing - frustrating when i hit a "spot" and don't know what i should do next.  usually i cure these "spots" by putting in a fish.  painting in a fish has long been my answer to a "painter's block".

well, tomorrow is another day of painting.  i hope i will be able to fix the "spots" without too many fish...

thank goodness my knee is repaired.  it feels pretty good.

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