Tuesday, August 19, 2008


gawd, why can't i sleep?  is it cipro?

i bet i can't sleep because i didn't finish this painting i'm in the middle of (not the collage show here)......that kind of thing plagues me.

i had to stop working because of  daily life stuff. 
i try to time my work better, create before 3 p.m. when my daughter storm-troops her way into the house demanding instant feeding, get out of the way, she has to go to the toilet, whats on TV, no, i don't have homework cuz i did my homework at school, gawd its hot, can we go early to swim practice.....
 and did i get her phone fixed yet?????  (she left it immersed in a 1" deep water puddle by the pool - she had said that i got overly excited about it "gawd, mellow out,  see, it still works..."  i told her to wait a  week.  and so a week later, bingo. "OMG, momma, my phone is acting weird...."!  i wanted to tell her to mellow out, but she would not get it.)

and then i watch her flushed, youthful, energized face as i listen to her stories of tragedy and drama in her first weeks of high school;
  her daily after school log of the many, many personal affronts she had to endure over the course of the day.  
for instance, there was a boy who said he didn't like how her eyes got big while she talked and therefore will not look at her again.  she had said she couldn't possibly know what her eyes were doing as she talked.  (i thought that was a mean thing of the boy to say, but then she leveled the playing field by telling him he was ugly!)  hmmm.
then there was someone in her PE class who challenged her in swimming, then complained that rosie's feet were too huge and ugly because they had kicked splashiness into her face.  (so, i'm beginning to think everyone is very mean spirited at her school or perhaps, rosie interprets things a bit personally.)
then at dinner, rosie got a bit pissy with me because i am going to go to her school wednesday on shadow day.....she said that i was not allowed to hold her hand, lean on her, or hobble (just had knee surgery) and that if i did,  she was going to rent a wheelchair and push my atop a hill and lock me in place so that i couldn't move.
i thought that was a bit extreme.
she got told off for that.  and so did her dad for laughing.  argh.
well, i'm feeling sleepy at last here at 3:30 a.m. night er, good day.

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