Sunday, August 17, 2008

a new book i just bought.....

i have gone NUTS for doodling.  it all started with the olympics - sitting in front of the tv, watching the olympics with my family until late hours every night, also feeling low energy due to my temporary health issues.  (i'm feeling fine now, BTW) and just wanting to draw.
then i saw this little workbook "the doodle formula" at michaels....(little expensive $15 for a small booklet) but anyway, i bought it and believe it or not, i have found this book to be very useful.
so i have been doodling for a few days now - well, not all day everyday, not while i was at the swim meet or clearing up around the house or busy entering my art into the san diego regional show ;) or sleeping off this UTI, but the rest of the time. or i should say, my rest time.  
i think i will create some doodle stamps, so that i don't have to doodle the same things over and over.

so if i am talking on the phone (a rarity as i hate the phone) i can either   a.) doodle or  b.) stamp a doodle or  c.) doodle on a stamped doodle or
 d.) all of the above (which is kinda like c.) .
tomorrow i am going to buy a white ink pen to doodle on my darker paper.  my favorite opaque pens right now are sharpie "poster paint" pens.  i think the ink really is poster paint -   which is not everlasting - i think it will wash out of your clothes.  i love how juicy and opaque and thick the ink (paint) is.  it flows very freely (they don't clog cuz its a felt tip).  and you can buy them in huge nibs, so that you can practically "paint" with these pens, as in, painting a big background on a poster! 
but i only want a small nib with white ink. or maybe a few bright colors, neons.  there is a big selection at dick blicks.
so toodle-y-doodle-y.  (OK, i think my medicine is making me silly.)  

sillier than usual.


Marilyn Rock said...

I now wish I had saved my old book covers from school. I'm dating, myself, but we used to use paper bags for our book covers. I recall sitting in class, doodling on these bags! I bet I'd find some interesting doodles on them. Hmmmmmmmmmm; this gets me to thinking. Thank you for sharing the book title with us and also the Sharpie pens; they sound cool! Glad you're feeling better! Happy doodling :)

Lorelai Roark Photography said...

I'm a huge doodler.......even when I was little, it's one of those things that has never left when I'm on the phone...if there's a pen and paper nearby, i just do it without thinking!

Joy Logan said...

I also hate the phone. You're at the mercy of the caller and their time and space.

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