Sunday, August 17, 2008

i heard....

that the woman's fastest marathon runner (Roumania's, constantina tomescu) had to be blow-darted in the ass to stop running her victory laps.....?  anyone else hear that?
OK, i admit it, i made that up.
but i bet she is still running.

(it's late and my husband is alseep, so i couldn't use the scanner, its in our bedroom) so you get an old image.  sorry.  i'm calling it "dara torres and her pet fish" in honor of her.  she lost a first place medal by using the "cavic"' finish.  in my mind, dara, you got the gold!  what's 1/100th a second anyway, when you have lived to 41. 
awesomely fast leg on the relay too.  yeeay for old ladies!

1 comment:

Lisa gatz said...

You have the greatest blog name in the world!

I agree...old ladies rock!


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