Friday, August 15, 2008

portrait blue....

i can't help but love gymnastics - (still watching the olympics). our two amercian girls really had to work hard to get 1st and 2nd. what beauty, poise, drama, grace. so so beautiful to watch. nastia liukin and shawn johnson, you girls rock!
i know what happened in the 100 fly tonight (swimming), but my eyes tell me that phelps got second. i'm so glad that he did get first though, that boy makes his mom and all of us so proud.
meanwhile back here at home. i spent the day sleeping. again. the knee surgery/UTI combo has me flat. also the cydpro (antibiotics) is tough to take. cydpro is strong, it's what is given to people who have been exposed to ANTHAX -that's what my news reporter daughter brooke told me. so i don't feel so awful about being so sick and lying around. actually not just lying around, but sleeping. i haven't slept so much since college.
i try really hard not to get frustrated with myself when i'm down. it's hard as i have too much ambition- to a fault for sure. for instance, i really believe it is unfair that i am only one person.
my husband always tells me to calm down - alas.
i missed wishing meredith happy birthday with a promised bday lunch today too. she was happy to take a rain check. i can't wait to give her the gift i found for her. i know she doesn't already have it, as i have never seen it before. i will tell you next week what it is so i won't spoil her surprise.
i have a new fun assignment from stampington (as an Artist on Call, it's the best job in the world).
i just received these really (too) cute stamps; a brand new line called the "un-usual suspects" by marylinn kelley. soooo cute. anyway, they are perfect for the doodling pieces i have been doing while watching the olympics. i was automatically ready to go and create with these beauties. i will give you a peek tomorrow.
today's art: this lovely lady is called "portrait blue". i did her some time ago, a paintover from a magazine ad, i wasn't really happy with how roughly i painted the pink and blue in her face, but over time, i liked it again, so i put her up. she is very famine; i wanted to honor the beautiful girls' gymnastics and post her as a tribute.


Brooke said...

Hi Momma - I think what you are taking is called Cipro. One of its contraindications though, is kidney problems, so I don't know why those assholes at Kaiser decided to give it to you. Did they even check your charts? I hate them so much right now.

Anyway, here's more information. You're supposed to drink lots of water when you are taking it.

Love you.


lisa bebi said...

i think the reason they decided to give me it is because i have allergies to keeflex and naprasin. (i'm sure i'm spelling those wrong.) i get nasty bad reaction to them, respiritory problems, etc...

they did say take plenty of water...........i better go drink some now.
thanks for the link, my sweetie girl.

Marilyn Rock said...

Beautiful painting; beautiful tribute to the womens' gymnastics team! I'm watching every second of the Olympics - love it! Hope you feel better soon.

Bonnie / Graybonnie said...

Blue is so haunting...a real beauty!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brooke,
Just because Kaiser goofed with your mom doesn't mean they are all bad. I had to take Ashley in and they treated her well and she was happy with the care. she gave them a 9 out of 10. I think they lost the point for sticking a needle in her back!
Secondly, watch the foul language (LOL)
Love you
Auntie mary

Marylinn Kelly said...

Lisa, Thanks so much for the mention of Stampington's Un-Usual Suspects, my children one and all. Your paintings pull me in, responding to the color and how they appeal to my aesthetic sense. Don't know how you find the time for so much life & creativity, but I'm glad that you do.

Anonymous said...

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