Tuesday, August 19, 2008

placid boy....

this is the painting i started yesterday and was not able to finish because of the 3 p.m. interruption called my life. (see previous post).

i have interesting stuff going on naturally at the bottom of the painting, so i don't really know what to do next. i really hate to disturb that watercolor effect.
the boy is both painted and drawn - i don't normally draw this much on a painting. i'm going to work more on him tonight. just don't know what to do next. ever have that feeling? i know, we all do.

remember the painting i was developing (see previous posts a couple of weeks ago), well, i go to a hard part and put it away for awhile. right now it is bugging me from a corner of my studio, the last thing i did was paint over a lot of it in red. maybe tomorrow i will give that mess a new try.

maybe i will listen to joy logan and put the unmbrella back in it.


Marilyn Rock said...

One word..............AWESOME!!!!!

I love the drawn-in lines, the watercolor effect is just fantastic! I can see little inclusions, in there - AWESOME!!!!

Joy Logan said...

I see an ocean bound tanker in that lower corner,LEAVE IT ALONE,lol!

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