Thursday, August 21, 2008

another piece in the works....

this sailor girl needs help. i'm not sure how i will approach this piece to morrow. but i will.
i kind of like the dark green square i left behind her head, i'm thinking of extending it more down the right side of the canvas.
she reminds of my daughter's friend named ashley. she has this certain look sometimes. she is home from school recovering from spinal meningitis right now. get well ashley.
i had a great day shadowing my daughter in high school yesterday. i was called on to answer a question in the middle of her english class. i was sitting with all the other parents in the back of the class. the subject was "communication registers". meaning, we all talk differently in different situations, i.e. i talk differently to rosie than i would talk to my doctor.
so, the teacher picks to me and says; mrs. bebi, i see you have a special relationship with your daughter, what is a name you use for her that you would not use on anyone else.
first i said i call her rosie (while everone else calls her rosa), but i also call her (here is where i choked as i could not think of even ever having a child; the room went white), (god, why me - rosie is shaking her head vehemently nooooooo), "i call her......'babydoll'."
the class rose in such a storm of laughter and gaiety while her face turned beat red, almost as red as mine...others were saying "ooooh, rosa you look like a babydoll.." she was sending me darts from her eyes, saying "no she doesn't, that's a lie".
she was right, it was a lie, kinda....i mean, i am hopeless about thinking on my feet. i wondered where i came up with that one --- babydoll made me sound like a pervert.
thinking about it now, i call her "sweetie pie". if i'm in the mood.
oh yeah, when i got home later that evening after swim practice, my husband asked me, "so how was your day, babydoll?"
oh, yeah, that's where that comes from.
the rest of shadowing her was OK, at EXCEL class that is like study hall, i begged her to ditch with me. so boring.
she wouldn't ditch. jeesha, what is the matter with kids these days.
i learned a lot about her and her school and teachers and i would recommend it to all parents no matter how much your child protests. or no matter how bored you think you would be.


SOM said...

hahahaha...ok...note to self...don't call rosie...babydoll!!

Joy Logan said...

Hey girlfriend I want to see those magazine pieces I saw with the magazine models you enhanced in a previous Somerset mag in person one day. I just want to study it live and in person. Would you consider sending me one if I swear,promise to send it back? Just a thought.

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