Friday, August 22, 2008


been enjoying my book on doodling.
(see previous post a few days ago).

now i have been on the look out for things to doodle on, like white tshirts, white canvas shoes, hats, aprons, backpacks, etc.

i have not mentioned my new commercial website lately because there has been a slight hitch - that would be me---- i have to hand enter every single thing we will carry onto the web page.  it is a huge  process, but worth it.

other things i haven't mentioned lately due to another but different, glitch is the san diego regional art magazine called Nmagazine.  there has been an uprising and a new distribution of power and some regrouping....i doubt the mag will come out before the end of the year now.  this slow-up has nothing at all to do with me----instead it is  due to people with more powerthan me.
i can't be responsible for every delay.....really,  come on now.

meanwhile, the workshop in Umbria (near Tuscany) Italy is still on calendar.  october 6-12, 2008 - its cheaper now.  i will be in italy the entire month of october to visit family in Gubbio, Umbria, in case you are planing on coming too.  Let's get together.  i have a nice retreat lined up for cheap in Gubbio (a beautiful, beautiful place), and i know many locals who would love to conduct classes in ceramics and plein air painting, as well as paper arts and wool.   of course i will teach you everything i know about the paintover technique and collage.   there will be a great opportunity to do watercolor and ink journals.   i can also lead you to wonderful, choice shopping in  out of the way little city nooks for art and  artists supplies.  places  you would not read out of a tour guided book.

flights are going down in price and ---- you will have more spending power with the dollar as the euro is getting very weak.   also workshops are a tax write-off if you are a professional artist.  the retreat is  "couples" friendly as i feel  no one likes to travel to italy alone.  do they? if you are interested in details, email me:  time is running out. 

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