Thursday, July 31, 2008

collage sheet

here is an example of one of a collage sheet that will be offered on my e commerce website - i'm hoping to get it up and "live" soon.  this sheet has black and white images of my mom, ruby, ready for the paintover technique, paintover instruction sheet and some inspiration.

anyway, i had a wonderful time going up to see my son, jamie, in santa barbara the last couple of days.  rosie went with me.  i drove the van up to give to  him, and then we took the train home - which was a 6 hour ride.  i didn't think santa barbara to san diego on the train would take that long.
anyway, jamie drove us around santa barbara in the van  - he quickly got used to it.  he was shocked at what it would cost him to own it though, i.e. registration, insurance and gas.  who isn't shocked at the pump?
i returned my twin nephews to their mom in LA too.  i miss their chatter.....i also took a side trip to visit with my brother danny in his la fitness gym.  he was impressing us with his "six-pack" at age 58!!!!!  pretty good.
today, rosie and i finished her back-to-school shopping. - thank goodness, that was really hanging over my head.
tomorrow is all day art making with my art friend meredith cummings.


Marilyn Rock said...

Well; I for one, cannot wait for your e-commerce site! Wonderful collage sheet offering. My family photos are very limited and I think paintovers wouldn't even help them;I won't go there :)

Your trip to see your son sounded like it worked out great; that was a long train ride.

Hard to believe it's the back-to-school mode now - WOW!

Enjoy your art time with your friend.

Isabella said...

I, too, cannot wait for your e-site! I'm in love with the paintover technique.

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