Tuesday, July 29, 2008

la jolla cove

so yesterday we spent the day in the water here at la jolla cove.  one of the most places in the world if you ask me.
if you look out past the second jetted out rock formation you might see the cliffs that stretch out into the distance, we swam out to them because inside the cliffs are caves, very exciting and a nice adventure for my twin nephews.
we had a bag of frozen peas and fed the fish, it was like swimming in an aquarium, nice big beautiful and surprisingly colorful (considering it is cold water) fish.  the cove is a natural reserve, so the fish abound, and lobsters and crabs.  on one cliff,   a mom seal or sea lion (not sure which) and her cubs were sleeping lazily in the sun.  we swam clear of her little nest, in case we got her hackles up.  there were millions of pelicans that paddle around us like we belong there too.  it's not too deep, so we spent a lot of time swimming underwater in and out of the long swaying seaweed, the type that are fun to pop on the beach and closer to shore are the glassy type of seaweed that reminds me of comb-over hair that moves constantly to hide the sandy bald spots of the ocean's bottom where the little fishes like to hang out and play peep-a-boo.

about me on my bathing suit......er, usually i don't like that i have middle age spread, but i make an  exception while swimming in salt water;  there i am glad to be what i am.   i am so buoyant and weightless and warm as a result of overeating!  except for my bright colored swim suit and light skin tone, i probably look like a pregnant seal.

we are leaving now on our next adventure - the drive to santa barbara to see my son.....

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Marilyn Rock said...

Just the photo, here, takes my breath away! What a wonderful experience for you and your nephews! Nature at its best. I loved reading about your time in La Jolla Cove!

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