Friday, August 1, 2008

my son, jamie

here is a picture of my son, jamie at age 15....taken during his years while under my care; looking healthy and neat..
what i mean by that comment is.... well, he grew up. he has graduated from UCSB and lives on his own in santa barbara and has grown a beard and his hair is different and he is , well, just older. he is now 23.
he is a brainiac...a brilliant writer, a poet and a saint. he is gentle and kind .
rosie and i went to visit him the other day(see previous post)and dropped off the van we gave him. we missed him very much. when rosie and i took off on the train to come home, rosie weeped deeply - as she misses him so much. it was a very tender moment.
and it was kinda heart breaking...but our kids do need to move on. santa barbara is not so far away afterall.
my daughter, brooke, little miss energetic, lives in pasadena - what a beautiful place that is. she is 31 now.
i know many of you know all this already - but i still like to talk about the kids.
i really need more current pics of the family. maybe as a christmas present this year, my kids will all cone over and we will have a family photo. i would really like that for a gift.


Marilyn Rock said...

WOWSER! What a smile! I can only imagine it at 23! Talk about energy! He could light up a city with his smile! Sounds like a wonderful young man - all of your kids sound great. I still like talking about mine; love seein' his 30-year face walk through the door here :)

lisa bebi said...

yeah, he is a sweetie-pie - just broke up with his girlfriend- he is sad about that.
in case someone has someone for him.....he seeks, highly intelligent women, not too short as he is 6'6" and he drives a chrystler van.....
ok he will kill me for writing this.
only kidding jamie!

Joy Logan said...

Sweet dear boy!

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