Friday, July 18, 2008

lemon grove

this is my home town, i grew up in lemon grove, home of the giant lemon. and since my dad was the big man in town, he was the editor and publisher of the lemon grove review newspaper for over 40 years, my brother and i believed him when he said that we grew this lemon in our backyard.
it did seem strange that it was made of cement however.

tomorrow my art buddy meredith comes over to my place for a full day of art making. i am wanting to create a ton of ATCs. making those are always relaxing for me. my other art friend, karen o'brien, was over last week and dropped off a ton of victoria magazines. oh, i love them. karen is in the middle of a huge move to oregon from here in san diego. that means she is cleaning out her art store room and throwing stuff away - or giving to charity.
i raised my hand for the victoria them, but one day i will have to give to charity myself. oh i hate the thought - only because there will be decisions to make. ugh, i hate decisions.
or i should say i hate decisions regarding throwing away my stuff - i have zero problem throwing out stuff that belongs to other family members.
its kinda like xmas shopping, why is it that when it comes time to hop for others, i see sooo any things i just need to buy for me?
ah, i know the answer, im a self-centered bi(@h. so i am. that's all there is to it.

i am still waiting for the photos to come to me of the lovely huge reception last saturday of the paris retreat. beautiful job, students. i'm proud of you.


Marilyn Rock said...

Ah; now I do believe this is my favorite painting of yours! It's very moving, to me, aside from just the visual pleasure of it. Enjoy your art day with your friend!

lisa bebi said...

that's very nice of you to tell me that you share my art with a art friend meredith who is coming over today (she comes over every other friday) ; we love to view work together too....its so enriching to have a friend to discuss this with....etc.

Carol B. said...

Lisa, your beautiful blog is a treasure so I have nominated you for a Brilliant Blog Award. Come to my site to pick up your award!
Carol B.

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