Friday, July 18, 2008

"eggs in a basket"

this is a mixed media piece that's 12" x 24" on a wood panel. she is fresh and has a "gleem" toothpaste smile. love her pigtails. i bought this photo of her a while back as i loved how "all american" she looked. she sort of fits a month of july (4th of july month) theme.

i had fun today working with meredith making fun art. we both happily worked on ATCs. i was going to show mine on my blog tonight, but they need to be scanned. maybe tomorrow night.
i used home made stencils, chip board, spray mica watercolors, soft pastels and papers. too fun. i made a huge batch of them. then i used a book rosie bought yesterday then quickly realized she would never use is a book of 8,000 plus words of wisdom. after 2 or 3 words of wisdom it is completely boring. so, i cut them up and used them in my art - they are like little fortune cookie sayings. its kinda fun to mix and match them. i hope tomorrow i will have time to finish them and share them with you here.

nothing much going on this weekend - next weekend is huge, both the junior olympics for rosie (4 day meet with heats and finals) and the comicon (comic convention)here in san diego. we plan to go to the comicon sunday. if you are going too, i hope to see you there!!!!! i think rosie plans on wearing a comic book dress that renee richetts created.

btw, i keep forgetting to mention that i had finished the book brooke bought me called "is anyone out there". i loved the book and really went through withdrawals after i finished it. i hate and love it when a book is so rich with characters that i actually miss their company. this is always the case with marian keyes books. i love them all. it is an interesting book that hit home for me on many levels. i can't say too much more about it or i will give away the plot. its worth reading and will probably only take you 2 days to read or less. me, i read slowly. but i savor too.

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Marilyn Rock said...

Another fantastic piece Lisa! Love the rich colors and this girl is just amazing with her expression! I can see where you were drawn to her. I love expressions; I can read so much into them. Glad you had fun with the ATC's. Through my teachings, here in my area, I love to offer exchanges with them - much fun! I find them very relaxing to turn to and really enjoyed reading what you use with them.

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