Wednesday, July 16, 2008

bisquik art

i don't know if i showed you this before. its my bisquik (low fat) art.
where i painted on cloth with biquik, cooked it in the mircrowave, then painted it again and again until i got this nice background, then i added my paintover art sewn to it.

i was going to show you my depressing news of the day, but the computer/scanner wouldn't pick it up.

what i wanted to share was:

i got an invitation today at the pool, while i was drying off an old lady who called my bobbie handed me an invitation to come to their luncheon. it said: luncheon for noon swimmers, tuesday, july 22, 2008, at 1:15 p.m. (just as the pool closes for lap swimming, i noticed) at: (biting my lower lip) hometown buffet.

ah, gawd how old and old bitty-ish can they get. i'm not going because i can eat without just gumming it.
that must be the floaters side of the pool who set this luncheon up. ewww. hometown buffet, makes me barf.
i can't believe these oldies call themselves swimmers - they are dollopy floaters!

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Marilyn Rock said...

Bisquick; now who would have "thunk" it! I love your paint overs on this piece - the fabric inclusions are awesome!

No; no Somerset submissions this time around for me. I had an idea for an article on cheesecloth and aluminim foil but just can't find time right now. Perhaps once my art show is over, I can do that. I've got to get this first show under my belt so I can say I did it!

I couldn't help but LOL at your paragraph on the luncheon invite at the pool! Of course Hometown Buffet! We have Country Buffets here - GAG!!! My mother always wants me to take her there - just cannot do it! I'll earn my wings another way :)

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