Tuesday, July 15, 2008


i am soooo far behind on producing new paintings. i'm still working on my ecommerce site which should be functioning by next week.

that is if i can get some work done while my teenager is having a summer break.
the things we could do this cming week......
she only has until august 6 - so i am thinking of taking her to santa barbara to see her brother, jamie. only thing is....she has junior olympics that she has been training for all summer - they are held at the end of july. we can't vacation until thats over. that gives us about a week to do everything including shopping for school clothes. my least favorite thing to do and her favorite thing to do.
oh i miss my life so much. don't get me wrong some of the summer has been truly fun with her. we are very close and have inside jokes, etc. but i have deep art creating passion that gets shoved aside during the summer.
irt is hard to balance everything.
i have been swimming all summer to. at least a mile every single day. sometimes 2 and sometimes i swim all day long. this is causing my skin to turn very brown..
and my arms are now guns.
the rest of me looks like hell.

ah, nevermind trying to picture this, i can tell you that it is not a pleasant sight. i even startle my husband.
ok, so summer is a hard time to divide up what's going to happen in terms of my work time. it is freaking amazing to me how much attention my children need. i remember wanting to have time to myself when my mother was alive - how is it that my kids aren't like me?


Marilyn Rock said...

Lisa; oh how I love this painting of yours! I believe I saw on your website or was it in Somerset? Maybe both. You need a lot of deep breaths; lots going on.

lisa bebi said...

thanks marilyn....i feel a bit guilty about writing that ---but i figure, maybe others with teenagers are feeling the same.

are you putting anything else in somerset this time round?

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