Friday, June 6, 2008

tomorrow's solo show...

well guess what i have been doing all day?
that's right!!! painting! painting big and painting out my blue mood. i feel like 2 personalities will be showing tomorrow, me and my other self. the other self is the older work - yeah, the work of only a month ago. and today's work is more energetic than ever.
yeah ok, sure one reason it looks energetic is because i'm trying to finish a few big pieces before the show tomorrow! (thank goodness i use quick drying acrylic paints), but mostly it is because dammit, i feel like it. as i was saying yesterday, i just can't help myself.
my favorite art buddy Meredith came by today so we could work together and to talk...she had a preview of the new work. she said that even though it is different she could still see that it is distinctively me. i liked hearing that.

i suppose all artists have a fear of change, especially after they have had some success. many collectors mourn the old style. i mourned myself for Claudine Helmeth's old work when she changed to do her lighter fare, "poppets". ("poppets" is an endearing english term for youngun's). but i see she loves her new style and is more comfortable for it, therefore more productive. and i guess her new work is growing on me. but still. i liked her old work.
the same thing happened to anne baldwin. she was doing intensely interesting secret writing type abstracts, when she suddenly switched to mixing photos of trees and power lines, into some strong cubical style motifs.
as for me, well, i can't help the change, but i promise to do some of yesterday's, er, last month's work still.
maybe when i get past this nagging depression everything will settle into place.

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Anonymous said...

I think that what you need is a couple of chocolate martinis a nice antipasto salad and some good old fashioned conversation with an old friend!!!

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