Saturday, June 7, 2008

today's show

i want to thank everyone who came out to see me and my new stuff today at the ladybug!

my daughter, brooke and her boyfriend carlos and gracie (the cutest doggie- ever), came to see me too. i went off to have a refreshment with them -( a wonderful honey flower flavored gelato at the cafe on the corner). i was gone about an hour. when i came back, i heard that 20 people came to see me during that time! shoot, i'm sorry i missed you all.
isn't that how it always goes. i had been there since 3, even spent time painting 3 BIG paintings before i took my break too!


about my new style. i think my daughter brooke hit it on the head, she said that i am painting that way because i am in constant pain. that's right. i am looking to get things done more efficiently since everything hurts so much. i have a hard time standing. which sucks a lot. anyway, when faced with a large blank canvas to paint, i opted to paint it fast and with big gestures. the idea of researching and looking for images to paint made me groan. that has to be the reason for my chronic mild depression too. seems logical, but when you are faced with chronic pain, you get used to trying to ignore it as best as you can in order to accomplish anything during the day. there is a lot of teeth grinding and gritting as well.

my next local public appearance will be june 29 at the Poway store "stamping details" - i will teach the paintover class - its 4 hours and i think it is $45. check out their info. google stamping details poway for more info! see you there. the class is filling fast!
after that, i will see you in italy!
P.S. i have my knee surgery august 7. oh i sure hope i can walk again. more teeth gritting.

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