Sunday, June 8, 2008

crazy weekend

poor rosie, fell off her skateboard and fractured her elbow. worse than that, gastone and rosie both had to hang out at the ER for 6 hours saturday while i was blissfully having a show.
such nice weather too, i feel sorry for her to have a bandaged up arm in this summertime heat. and her swimming. she has a meet this weekend. so much for that. all that training she has been doing for weeks now. it's tough being a kid. things happen.
even for adults too, for instance, i have been swimming everyday at the club - indoor pool --which is so highly chlorinated it stings the eyeballs before you get out of your car! this week i was totally grossed out as i was getting out of the pool when a middle aged fat man was getting in. his massively fat belly was so buoyant that when he drifted in, his stomach floated up to the top like an old ladies skirt swimsuit. and the gross thing was, showing for all to see on the tip top of his floating mass was a huge red, inflamed and active ringworm mark. i almost threw up. but that wasn't all.....before i got out of the pool all the way, another gruesome scene, a man, thin and pale decided to empty his nostrils of gunk straight into the pool. barf. total barf. ohmygod...i'm sick. how can people be so disgusting! and in public. ugh!

so i changed pools to the cleaner and less populated la mesa municipal outdoor pool - swimming at noon in the mid-day sun. only a few old fogies floating around in the pool. too old for ringworm or nasal congestion. or if they had either, it rendered them too weak to come swim. very nice. a lane to myself. and a bit of a suntan to boot.
except.........i forgot about the young kid program just before adult
now i have a sinus infection because they don't chlorinated that pool enough!!! and all the germs from the little snotty kids an hour before adult swim floats along the top of the pool without getting filtered or cleansed for chorine and into the susceptible bodily parts of the uninoculated adults; like me! ugh-ugh! can't win. soon my own unheated pool will be swim-able, thank goddness, then i will only have to worry about bird droppings and the like.
i guess there is no real safe haven from danger when one begins to workout.
but back to poor rosie. she is sleeping nicely now. i hope her pain goes away fast.
but, i don't know, she was still in pain before her eyelids fell shut for sleep.

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