Thursday, June 5, 2008

still walking alone

i feel like my mom walking alone in the desert. although i am still feeling slightly melancholy for reasons not clear to me, i found out something kinda cool. and,
I just realized i am in need of a huge celebration!!!! its a birthday party - one year old! yes! i have been blogging for one whole year now!!!! i started june 4, 2007!!!
not me! jeesha. time flies.
i have a few other reasons to celebrate, one i got my (new style)"lemon grove" abstraction into san diego art institute regional show. not an easy trick.
and i got my "rosie angel" into the escondido arts partnership "beyond the lens" competition receiving honorable mention! yay! again!
but about this melancholy, what is happening? i am going into a new directrion with my art. i have prepared 6 new big pieces for my show this saturday (june 7) at the ladybug gallery on adams ave. (i will be there by 3 p.m. for sure!). i am doing gestural abstracts and for the moment it feels so good. sometimes my brain just clicks into a new direction, i wasn't looking to change, i just picked up the brush and the change was automatic. i couldn't stop the change. i feel i can easily go back to the kind of work my collectors know, but for now, with this mild depression continuing as it is, i have had to change or rather go with the flow, literally.
so if you are in the area on saturday, come see what came out of me, like giving birth. it's here! and don't say..."well sir, she looks just like a new painting, alright!" takes after her dad.


Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Lisa, I loved your new article in Somerset Studio, although I'm finally ready to try what you wrote about in the Sept/Oct. 2006 issue.

I am teaching myself digital collage right now, but it's a high learning curve. How I wish I were nearer San Diego. I would come there to see your show. I'll be there in spirit. Good luck!

Oh, I added you to my blog roll.

lisa bebi said...

hey fran:
thanks for dropping in. you have a huge readership, looks like.
thanks for adding me.
i will add you as soon as i figure out how to do that!!!!

Kristy C said...

Lisa-Love your work in the new Somerset Workshop I just picked up! I am glad to have found your blog.

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