Thursday, May 1, 2008

this makes me want to go again!!!!

i didn't realize renee and i were in the newspaper!!!!!!

the society section in the San Diego Times last feb. 2008!

French flair: Speaking of traveling, Renee Richetts and Lisa Bebi of the Escondido Arts Partnership are going the extra mile to offer a two-day workshop on metal-working and "paintover" collage making. Actually, they're going a lot of extra miles, since the workshop is in Paris.

Ten artists* signed up for the workshops and will depart next week for eight days in the City of Lights. They'll visit museums and gather materials for their workshop projects.

"We both do workshops in many places in the United States. We've done that for years," said Richetts. "We thought 'Why don't we go to Europe? People would probably like that.' "

The duo obtained a four-unit apartment where most of the artists will stay, and plan to show the group Paris "through an artist's eyes," said Richetts.

*more like 12 people

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