Thursday, May 1, 2008

collage sheets for sale

you might think that because i have just had hand surgery, my life in the art world would slow down. well, i thought so. but turns out that i have a tons of irons in the fire. the most exciting new item is this: my friend, shelly, from puglovers productions and i have developed is a transfer sheet THAT WORKS SIMPLY WITH WATER ONLY. it is called the Easy Transfer Sheet (ETS). there is no need to use gel medium, chemicals, no heavy burnishing or rubbing off paper. the images simply releases from the sheet with water.

it is frickin' Martha Stewart simple!

it does away with the old fashion system of transfering images, not gel medium and scrubbing and scrubbing, no chemicals that are harmful to you and your lungs.

we have pulled together images from various places for ETSs; my family album, asian pictures and natuutical element, etc. these sheets work wonderfully with the paintover technique and collaging, and ATCs (artist trading cards).

we also sell them plain so that you can print your own through your cheapy-ass inkjet copier, plain ETSs doen't work with expensive laser printing.

the price for the Easy Transfer Paper is $10.00 for a package of 3 sheets,
8 1/2" x 11", plus a tester sheet. the ETS with our images on them are $5.00 a sheet, plus tester sheet and our collage kits are $15.00 each and include, a couple of collage sheets for ATCs, one ETS, and my paintover instructions and a tester sheet. i first introduced them at Artfest. they created a big BUZZ and they all sold well there.

Wholesale pricing available.

email or me at for more info or a test package.
we are currently trying to get a website up to market them, but if you can't wait, just email us!
i was going to post the collage sheet here, but faileds to understand how to use a watermark. maybe later.


Joy Logan said...

I want it Lisa!

Diane said...

I am wondering how this compares to Lazertran. I love the idea of water alone.

lisa bebi said...

i don't know of that product lazertran.....but if is like a lazer transfer, then it has equal results if nto better.

why not try a free test strip....just email shelly at puglovers production and she will mail one out to you free.
(you will be one of the first people to get this as we haven't started marketing them yet. we are working on getting a shopping cart website up because i have many originals and cool things to share. and of course my art!)
you can say you heard of ETS from here!
it IS just WATER alone! very earth and human friendly.

Anonymous said...

I feel a bit guilty asking a qauestion, your very busy, and in a wave of great altitude that is impressive.

I will ask anyway and if no time that is understandable.

What I am wondering is, can an artist put their images on the
paper used in quilting for photos that irons onto fabric, but instead iron the image unto paper.

Thanks in advance


lisa bebi said...

hmmmm, interesting question. when i put an image onto fabric, i inkjet the image straight onto the fabric. in other words, i run the cloth through my computer.

i do know of a paper that you run through your computer and it makes a decal type thing that you then iron on cloth - it leaves the cloth rather plasticy. i have not tried it, but beieve it would work on paper, yes, as it is only a heat transfer afterall. you could probably iron it to your wall if you wanted.
my images however, will transfer to cloth with a spritz of water first, then you iron to set the ink.

its great because then you are not stuck with only an 8 x 10 piece of cloth (the size of paper that goes through your inkjet printer) instead you can iron the image onto any piece of cloth anywhere on the cloth, i.e. readymades.

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