Sunday, May 4, 2008


i realize my blogging has been a lot about my business end of art instead of my current work and little family folklore as i like to write. the reason is because the business end of my art has gone into a tsunami rage of opportunities, juggling and deadlines. most of it is because, well, thanks to somerset studios for doing such a fine job promoting me and showcasing my work and including some of my philosophy. my recent workshops has sprung many new emails from new friends. another reason is because locally i have many positions in art associations (thankfully after two years, although it has been fun, i am bowing out) and because of this blog, i get lots of personal emails...and i love it.
one new thing that has been occurring is my teaching gone email and snail mail. i have been asked time and again for help, where students email me their image and i critique them. often this leads to them sending me their image and i suggest a correction or actually do the correction. i love this because i have always loved to teach and champion other artists work.
i put a picture of the bridge up as a symbol of this outreach.

another opportunity that has come up in another kind of outreach. at a embryonic stage now, i have formed a group of dynamic people to come to a "meeting of the minds" next week for a new project. these people have the same vision as i do about promoting the regional artists and connecting with serious collectors. i know this vision is not unique, in fact, this is the typical dream of all artists. but my vision is to provide an easy access for the collector to know who the true emerging artists are and therefore the best collectors opportunities. how will this be provided? by a high end, sophisticated quarterly art magazine targeted toward collectors and sophisticates.
don't worry somerset studios, i love you guys, this magazine will be in no way a competitor. it is a different sort of art read, not nearly as fun as your magazine.

artwise, what i am working on today? i am going to be working a new technique of batiking using pancake batter! anyone eve try this? wish me luck, if it works i will write an article in somerset studios about it.
meanwhile, my family just ignores me. they lift their heads when they hear spoon clinging against dish as i stir the batter hoping i am actually cooking something, but then realize, that's not going to be happening.

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