Friday, March 28, 2008

student's work

Paris workshop:
here is a piece that was done by my daughter rosie during the paris workshop.
i wish i had photos of other student's work, but somehow i didn't get them posted to me yet.
however i did get some wonderful testimonials:

"I thought Lisa was a very good teacher. Her instructions were clear
and well paced.
She worked with each student individually, and she inspired creativity.
At the end of the workshop, it was clear Lisa's students were pleased and
proud of the works they produced, myself included." ----Laurel E, San Diego, CA


My Testimonial, I Loved Lisa Bebi's art class and it was the hi-light
of my trip to Paris. She is so fabulous at honing in on how to make a
photo pop and and how to use color. It's an invaluable technique for
any mixed media artist or mixed media artist wanna be! The small
workshop size allows her to really make everyone involved get some
special attention which was worth everything to me in the end.
Linda W, Chicago

The best compliment I can make is that after attending your workshop in
Paris I tried to swop into your class at Artfest.... that about says it
all. I learned something in that even
if I haven't had any formal training I could with a little help, produce a painting that I was happy to
hang up in my craft room. I did learn the basic
techniques and feel confident about trying some more on my own. It was
really great fun. I would recommend Lisa as a tutor (instructor). She shows the
technique in an efficient and easy to understand way. She provided us
with all the equipment we needed. And nice quality brushes. She devotes
all her time in class making sure her students are progressing and are
happy with their work.
Morag, London England

I love you guys, thanks for the kind words.

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