Sunday, March 30, 2008

i feel like a train wreck

one more day until we leave for seattle. i'm tired - have painted about 5 dozen pictures and other things.

also for sell will be my own stamp line and my own collage sheets. the collage sheets are very cool and are all shelly blizard designs of puglover productions.

shelly did an awesome job. these sheets will be for sale up on the etsy account in a couple of weeks. everything will be competitively priced; a package of several sheets (i forget how many) sells for $15 and the separate sheets sell for $5.00. included inside each package are several designs, instructions and one lisa bebi magic transfer sheet (registered). the magic sheet works like a kid's tattoo. you wet the object that you want the transfer to transfer to and slap it on. very easy and magic!!!!! for those artists who know how very very difficult it is to get a perfect transfer, this offers an "E" ride ticket, it is crazy simple to do and leaves a very clear image behind. once the image is transfered, it is ready to be painted on or sealed.

i will also bring plenty of somerset workshop magazines to autograph. i'm going to have blast. see you soon. i plan to take my computer and camera. i will update.


fredg said...

When I sent you the "train wreck" photo of government in action (pls don't connect the words and make it read inaction) I didn't expect you'd display it on your blog to the world. Please tell everyone that the photo was something you found online to use as a metaphor to capture all of your hard work for the artfest show. Gosh, if anyone learns that this is their government at work I'm dead meat.
I know all your hard work will pay off and you'll be star of the show. Best wishes, f

T said...

OMG!!! is this my government at work!!!! HOLY SH*T!!!

just kidding.

Ted said...

Hey Lisa, don't know how much free time, yeah right!, you have but dinner at the top of the space needle is kinda cool.

good luck and have fun!!

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