Wednesday, April 2, 2008

sacramento the capitol of asian food

we made it here to washington last night. boy, thats a hell of a long drive, but we enjoyed. our first dinner was in the historic center of sacramento, where we were "blown away" with outrageously delish charbroiled new york steaks seared on open flame at a chinese restaurant.
that night we bedded down in what appeared to be a truck stop. neither of use would have dreamed of picking the place but as the road ahead seemed to stretch for miles and our eyelids were shutting up for the night, we pulled over.
there was a gas station and a motel there, nothing else. it was northern california on the 5. the hotel is called orlan inn. i kept thinking of tony orlando for some reason.
it cost us $65 for the night probably a huge rip.
there was a strange warning sticker above the sink that read, "hair dying is strictly prohibited". i found this a bit unraveling as i didn't know truck drivers had this propensity, or did it mean that people were known to change their identity at this very motel. either way. hmmmm.
but to my big surprise the room was old but clean (no hair dying stains anywhere), the bed was perfect, not too soft not too hard, the water was soft, the room was spacious and it had free internet.
i wouldn't mind staying there again. we have stayed in plenty of over $200 rooms with less.
but coming out in the morning, there were cars parked there that looked like they hadn't moved - abandoned, for years, or makeshift, like one truck had a welded on tank of some sort and then a tank on top of that one. it looked as though it belonged to dr. seuss..
we were on the road by 8 a.m. and we made it here last night. tonight is kick-off night at artfest, it should be wild. i'm ready for them.

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