Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy easter shoes....

i did a terrible job of cutting this jpeg down, but i hope you get the painting. they are a pair of Easter shoes, of course.

I hope you have a lovely Easter.

i have a few friends writing me privately saying that i haven't posted enough about paris. i'm sorry. i am under a ton of pressure right now to get my work together to take to artfest in washington state april 1.

i must say, my paintings are coming along very well. i plan to blow all artfesters' socks off and i know these pieces will do that. once i get my work done, then i promise to go back and fill you in on wonderful paris. what great friends/artists i made there too. everyday was a challenge to walk because of the cobblestone streets, but so worth it. the day at the flea market was sort of a bust as the prices were too high and the stuff offered for sale was not unusual, typical of anywhere USA. that was a bit disappointing. BUT, i did find a cool gift shop that i really loved called pylones as in check it out. it is a combination of french/japanese, i.e. colorful and plastic, but cooool - very cool stuff and practical too. there is now a shop in new york too, but they don't carry the exact same stuff. my favorite item was a salt and pepper shaker combo that are rolling birds. you wind up the shakers and let them roll to the person across the table. great way to pass the salt. also i bought brooke an extend-able fork, that telescopes to about 4 feet, because she is always eating off someone else's plate. now she doesn't even have to ask, she can just fork it over herself.
there are little purses or handbags called "henbags" since they are rubber hens. so clever and so much fun. i also got brooke a salad bowl set, where the fork and spoon were trapese artists (his and hers)....i guess you have to see that.

also, now that i see my scanner is working again, i would like to share with you some work of my participants and friends. so please bear with me for a few weeks. i hope i can type with my right hand after i have had hand surgery April 10 - if not, i will use my toes. not to worry, more to come.


ted said...

Hey buddy, there is no pressure... just be yourself and do the things that you do best!! we'll be here for you whenever you are in need as good friends are. we just love you and your art and can't get enough!! : ) no worries and no expectations!! just lots of love and support!! now go out and like you said..."knock their socks off!!"

Ted said...

oh the shoes!!

Joy Logan said...

Can't wait to see them! Love the shoes,I can't walk in heels though,lol.

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