Monday, March 24, 2008

over two dozen finished........

i'm finishing my last dozen (third) paintings for artfest. they are only 6" x 6" and 8"x8". anyone think that might be too many? not enough? i wish i knew.

also i heard the weather is going to be nasty this year. thunderstorms, snow, rain, wind. i need a heavy raincoat and maybe rain boots. where can i get these in san diego? mittens, i hear, are warmer than gloves, who knew that? certainly not someone born and raised in san diego.

someone out there want to let me borrow their snow boots? no, not ski boots. just rainboots. aw, nevermind, i'm sure i will be able to find some somewhere. if not, there are always plastic bags..........

when i lived in england, it snowed very heavily one winter and i had bought a huge fluffy dr. zhivago's wife style cap with furry trim and huge furry pompoms on the ends of the ties. it seemed sensible when i got it in san diego. actually, my mom bought it for me because she thought it sensible and i looked cute in it, and i listened to her. bad idea.

well, as we all know, the british are more understated, rarely extravagant in dress. so, as i was trudging home one snowy day in london with my mighty snowcap on, thinking it sure seems quiet inside this massive cap and how much more quiet the street noise seemed in the snow when BAM!!! i was pommeled hard in the back of the head by a few large snowballs. i turned and saw a couple of teens running away laughing. humph. i swore my mother's name.
i lost that hat long ago, i wouldn't want a repeat of that.
as for rainboots, i will worry about them tomorrow. i think winter gear is lame anyway.

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