Sunday, March 23, 2008

my newest published work

Somerset Workshop will be hitting the newsstands, i.e. barnes and noble's in about a week...Somerset has generously given me 30 PAGES!!!! i tell all my secrets in this publication....almost. i hope you enjoy it.


fredg said...

Dear Lisa,

RA! RA! RA! Gimmea a "L", gimmie a "I", gimmie . . . hey, someday, when you're much bigger than Dine, just remember that we were your fans when you were big but not yet REAL BIG, ok? Guess who's going to have to buy an issue of Somerset Workshop? Now, if you're article had appeared in Time, Fine Homebuilding, Boat Modeler, Kiplingers, or any of the other periodical that I get I wouldn't have to buy Somerset but that's ok. Seriously, you're doing great and I'm very proud of you. Love, f

lisa bebi said...

boat modeler? are you kidding me?

ah, i bet you are.

Joy Logan said...

Lisa I would buy those mags from you if you get a free copy! I am so afraid they won't send me mine though I ordered them. I have been doing your technique and am pleased with the results!

Misty Frederick said...

Lisa, I just picked up a copy of "Somerset Workshop" and discovered YOU! I really love your style! I particularly like "Bernice Dreaming". Thanks for sharing tips and techniques with others. I'll be visiting your blog often. Cheers!

Sharon said...

Lisa, I finally got to get the Somerset Workshop, and found that you were in there. I discovered your works in past Somersets and have been intrigued by them (to the point of trying them). I will be working with the directions from the Workshop to help guide be to more pleasing end results. I will also bookmark your blog and visit it often.


lisa bebi said...

thank you ladies. you both have nice sites too.

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