Wednesday, February 6, 2008

studio party in planning stage

i am getting very close to opening my new studio.

i swept the garage out really well tonight. tom and i placed the canvas rack where i wanted it, and the shelving is in. i have the lighting about ready and the storage is in place. now all i need are my artist girlfriends to come over. i plan to have a very BIG party.

won't be next week though, cuz, i will be spending much of next week in los angeles at CHA (craft and hobbyists association BIG international show) three days of demoing for Coronado Island Design and Stamps - it is very exciting and fun. I only wish i had better walking knees, but can't have everything.

i feel as though i have almost everything! even today rosie the housecleaner came and worked all day without quitting. she said she would come back again tomorrow -woohoo!!!!
altho, i did hear her muttering while cleaning my upstairs bathroom......aye-yeye-yeye, mucho tra-ba-ho for na-da da-nare-o.

my experience is that when the housecleaners start talking that way, they aren't going to be coming back.

the party may get postponed.


Anonymous said...


Love this pic of the gray haired adorable woman. Are you going to collage this? would love to see it!

As a fellow artist, and the two of us have never met, You inspire me. Thank you for that.


lisa bebi said...

i feel like we have met, we have so much in common....i even have an image of what you might look like in my head. funny how that is.
think you for your comment......yeh, i thought those old ladies were having too much fun. i might collage them.

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