Thursday, February 7, 2008

freud art?

i totally enjoyed myself tonight giving a demo for foothills art association tonight.
i hope everyone enjoyed it a much as me. even my sweetiepie brookie came with her boyfriend carlos...brooke suffered a few personal stories i told of her. she stayed awake for most of my demo, even though she was up all night, last night reporting for SCNPR (national public radio). i'm so proud of her. and she is so cute too - tiny little thing.

anyway, now my brain hurts. someone tonight, let's just call her "diane ludwig", mentioned that there is a twice yearly retreat of artists that get together in new mexico who discuss the psychological reason for the work they chose to do......or something similar to that.
i was painting my dad at the time. actually, i was painting my dad's pants at the time ---i broke into a menopausal flush....i hardly knew what she was referring too.
there was nothing weird that went on in my family --- at least in a gross way ---i just turned out a bit nutty, that's all.
thanks diane, for drawing our attention to this.........

see the demo was a riot!

i love being an's a way to be crazy and share it too.

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Anonymous said...

The demo WAS a riot! Being the newest FAA member, I hadn't received anything telling me you were demoing. Glad I went... even bought ten bucks of raffle tickets so I could pick up my second original Bebi! The lady almost fainted – you want ten dollars worth? Oh my! But, as always, I don't win lotteries. How 'bout the rest of you?! LOL

Just destined to be a worker bee I guess... or is that worker Monkey!?


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