Tuesday, February 5, 2008

happy super fat tuesday to you

i hope you enjoyed your day voting and/or stringing colored necklaces on people....it was a beautiful day in san diego - very clear albeit cold for us at 48 degrees tonight.
nevertheless, 48 degrees both rosie and i swam for over an hour tonight. outdoors of course.
she swims 2 hours a night five nights a week cuz she is a serious competitive swimmer. i have started to swim at night as well, while she is swimming to try to lose weight and counter this very painful knee. i have really been suffering. i have actually lost weight in these last few weeks--- about 15 lbs.--- because i can't bear the weight on my torn meniscus.
every morning, i tick off another day toward getting my MRI...like a jailer who ticks off days remaining in his jail sentence....... something seems so wrong about that, seems in this country i shouldn't have to suffer like this for nearly a month waiting for an MRI. then what? i don't know.

so i have been bad company, i'm sorry .....if i were in a better humor i wold have liked to tell you more about my workshop, or about how i ran down a clapboard beacon in my road (with my car), how i ran out of gas in the prius on the freeway, how i ended up sending art to my friends during xmas that i had created from a bought photo, only to find out later the photo was actually of the KKK. you know my usual stuff. but all i'm doing is moaning. gawd.

but life goes on......, tom is still hammering away and creating the perfect studio and studio annex. kathy is still organizing me (a lifelong chore)and now i have a housecleaner who has worked for two days straight (a record) --- she hasn't given up yet. the only english she says and says it a lot is "oh, my god" - it has something to do with the amount of stuff there is to clean.
so happy fat tuesday to you. i don't even feel like lifting my shirt up for my husbnd.....and happy voting day -- let's see, hillary, obama, morman dude or mccain --- and a few i think i forgot. which is it? i say willy nelson. i heard someone had written his name in. - kindof a waste, though - like writing in ralph nader.....OOOooooooomy knee. maybe tomorrow my pain killer will work better.....


Joy Logan said...

The key word is "FAT" and yum I bought a piece of cake at a new bakery that opened in town. It was so-so but I go by what ever food celebrations I can!

lisa bebi said...

i like fat too!!!!!

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