Monday, February 4, 2008

the souls who share the universe

the souls who share the universe ...that was what it was like at my workshop today. i loved it. i was sharing my art techniques with my soul sisters and we were sharing our universe together. art. indulgence. laughter. stories. and peacefulness. very very cool.
thank you, my friends, my art sisters...for a great day today. thank you, norma, for providing a wonderful play place. thank you deb, for thinking this up and thank you laurie for your beautiful piece of art. the rest of you, thank you for coming and participating.
let's do it again soon.

reminder: i'm giving a free demonstration thursday night, feb. 7 at la mesa city hall (allison street behind the post office), 7:30 - 9 p.m. for foothills art association. come early for free refreshments and bring a friend -- they have comfy seats. there will be a raffle for a piece of my artwork.


Anonymous said...

Thank you sweet lisa, for your generous spirit in teaching our workshop. I hope we helped you to forget about your aching knee for just a short time. It was too much fun, and YES! we will have to do it again. Steve the dog looks great on his new bright pink background with big pink flowers!

lisa bebi said...

oh hahahhaha. i love steve. he deserves the pink flowers...

that was too much fun.

i love you, man.

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