Sunday, February 24, 2008

paris countdown

things to do before i leave for paris:

1. buy "paris for dummies" - study on plane
2. buy translator book - study on plane
3. buy better raincoat than the one i limped around in today. - take on plane
4. buy small notebook to use to draw and entertain myself with - take on plane
5. take pencil to draw with - take on plane
6. find luggage and fit photocopier into it for workshop class. bring extra ink and french converter plug. add paint tubes, brushes, canvases, paper elements, scissors, tape, glue, ribbons, rulers, triangles, t-squares, flowers, pencils, watercolors, files, stickers, images, sharpie markers, plastic table cloth and hammers- don't take on plane -send it through to baggage hold.
6. buy alcohol - drink in airport terminal, then- take on plane.

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Deryn Mentock said...

Hey Lisa,
This is a very cool piece of artwork!

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