Sunday, February 24, 2008

long weekend

this weekend was devoted to my baby child rosamaria (13 yrs old) who swam the junior olympics. making it to the junior olympics is no small feat. swimmers must reach qualifying times to enter. rosie swims 5 days a week, 2 hours a day. she gets her homework done at school or after practice. she is a very high achiever. she works hard. everyday.
we are proud of her.
but today she had a bad day...too bad for her it was the day she was to swim most her events. it rained and rained today- we all got soaked. there was little shelter. although she swam her best times, they were not fast enough to carry her into the finals. she was very sad. and i was sad and emotional. then i began to wonder why i am so emotional, i'm not swimming. i always hate it when i see other parents projecting themselves on their children. and there i was; a big fatty, limping around with a sore knee in a gigantic red raincoat, thinking i am having a bad swim day. i was even about to blame my period and then i remembered i haven't had one for over 5 years!
it was a horrible rainy day - but not for everyone - oh sure it rained on everyone - but many people did very very well. even rosie turned herself around a bit finally, although not as well as she had thought she had trained to do. it was her mile swim that changed her mood; the very ast event of the prelims.
when we got home, i took my vicodin and we had a late lunch and napped. well, gastone and i did, not rosie, of course, she watched tv and went on the computer...... i was wrung out. i needed to decompress.

thats it. im not imagining i'm swimming in races ever again. i'm really too old. i hate to say it, but, i'm very glad the weekend is over.

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